Vorteile von Shiatsu für den Rücken

There are many benefits of Shiatsu for the back. The back in Shiatsu is considered to be a vital part of the body. It is where our nervous system starts to develop in the womb, giving us the core structure needed for survival. According to Shiatsu, our back holds the stories of our lives and reflects all that we have gone through. It is the structure together with the spinal cord, that holds us in place and upright.  A very important part of the body that can tell us many things about how a person is feeling or the possible hardships the person has gone through. Chronic or long-term issues are stored in the back. In Shiatsu, it is possible to read certain messages from certain acupressure points, enabling to decipher the situation regarding chronic issues.

The Nervous System

The spinal cord is a flexible structure that enables us to stay in balance as well as keep us in place. It enables us to move and stretch side to side and down and up. Being part of the central nervous system, it houses and is the root of many nerves that extend to the peripheral nervous system. 

It is crucial that our back and nervous system are in a good state, allowing our bodies to regenerate and to be in homeostasis. Massaging or giving the back a Shiatsu treatment can do wonders in calming and regenerating this area of the body. While working on the back and particularly on the bladder meridian in Shiatsu, we stimulate and have a direct connection to the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to be regulated and in a calm state. It helps to reduce stress and soothes our nerves.

Benefits of Shiatsu for the Back

In other words, giving a Shiatsu treatment to the back, can help to alleviate stress and helps to promote wellbeing to the whole system. Working with the nervous system allows for stimulation and invigoration of the whole body. It is when the nervous system is in a calm state, that we can help our bodies to heal and to strengthen its immune system. The body can heal given the right circumstances and the space it needs to do so.

Be kind to your back and help to calm your nerves. Either through a massage, brushing of the back or even just letting warm water run over it. All these measures will bring you a sense of wellbeing.