coconut curry with vegetables and rice - n shiatsu - shiatsu massage in berlin

Earth and metal elements in Shiatsu are important for the fall season. This recipe is wonderful for transitioning into the fall as it is made up of great healthy ingredients that correspond to the earth as well as the metal element in shiatsu. The earth element helps us transition through the seasons and it loves all things that are earth coloured. For example, root vegetables, curry, curcuma, pumpkin and so forth. The metal element on the other hand corresponds to the fall in tcm and shiatsu. As we are now in the period of transition between the warm part of the year to the more cooler part of the year, this recipe is just what you need!


Brown rice:  as much as you would like to eat. I used Basmati brown rice but any brown rice is fine. Rice corresponds to the metal element in shiatsu and tcm and it has the characteristic of pulling energy inward and downward.

– cook the brown rice until tender while preparing the curry


– sauté some Vegetables in a pan with some oil (I use olive oil). You can add some garlic or some shallots or onions if desired before that so they can get glossy before adding the veggies. The vegetables that I used in this case were Carrots, Broccoli and Zucchini but you can add any type you like.

– add salt and some curry (I used madras curry which is a bit spicy).

– add some more curcuma if you like.

– add the Tofu (middle to firm)

– after the vegetables and the tofu have been mixed together with the curry and spices, you can add the coconut milk.

– let it all simmer at a low temperature until all is cooked to the desired consistency.

Serve with the warm brown rice and enjoy!