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Fear and anxiety and how Shiatsu can help. During these difficult times of pandemic, many are feeling some kind of anxiety and sense of loss. We feel less connected and isolated, bringing a sense of fear and loneliness. Not knowing what will happen and what repercussions this pandemic will have, evokes panic and fear in most people.

We feel more anxious and frustrated and become more and more disconnected with ourselves and others. We lose touch with our inner self. Japanese acupressure therapy – Shiatsu, can help us bring us back into our bodies and to reconnect. Shiatsu offers space where we can enter deep relaxation and feel release. Through Shiatsu, the body and mind are stimulated at a nervous and energetic level that allows for balance and change – even at a subliminal level. A place where we can listen to our inner self. A break from the hectic and fast moving world around us.


Fear and Anxiety are related with the water element in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The main organ related with these types of emotions such as stress, anxiety and fear, are the kidneys. The kidneys are the organs that help us to cope when in fight or flight situations. The adrenaline that is released helps the sympathetic nervous system to deal with certain stressful situations. In Shiatsu, the kidneys belong to the water element and therefore, it can be very helpful to treat the water element and/or the kidneys when dealing with these emotions. 

Shiatsu brings deep relaxation and connects us to the autonomous nervous system – to be more specific, with the parasympathetic system, which allows the body to enter a state of tranquility and homeostasis. In order to reduce the sense of disconnectedness and fear, we need to touch into those deep resources within our inner selves and so allow ourselves to release tension and to give our bodies and minds the space they need in order to heal.

Some tips for helping with fear and anxiety:

The ears belong to the water element and relate to the Kidneys in Shiatsu. It can help to massage both your ears using your thumbs and index fingers, massaging and pulling gently the upper, middle and lower parts of the ears and earlobes.

Meditation is a great way of calming the system and to bring the attention to the present moment. Hara-breathing (Hara – meaning stomach area): sit comfortably or stand and put both your hands on the sacred chakra area or underneath the belly. Feel how the breathing is moving your hands up and down. Try to concentrate in breathing into that lower abdomen area.

Some important Shiatsu points that can help:

Pericardium 6 / Heart 7 / Conception Vessel 17 / Kidney 1