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The fire element in Shiatsu corresponds to summer. A time of joy and active energy. This is the time of year where the children play outside in the sun. Activity at its maximum expression. The flowers and plants have reached their peak and are in full bloom. Fire expressed in the climate and in the glow of our eyes expressing happiness. The fire element represents consciousness and awareness. The ability to transform and to create. To love and to allow to be loved. Open for emotion anad communication. Stability and self esteem and the power to deal with the outside world. It allows us to assimilate what we need to be in balance. Home of the Shen (divine conscious awareness), the fire element enables the body and mind to communicate and to function. Joy and love are key aspects. In contrast, when not in balance, we can find sadness and isolation.


The fire element in Shiatsu has 4 relating meridians. The heart and the small intestine meridians are the main fire meridians and the pericardium and the triple heater are supporting fire meridians. The heart meridian is the emperor in its kingdom. It regulates all bodily functions. The other fire meridians are all protectors / messengers of the heart. The heart is the yin quality and gives insight and understanding. Joy, harmony and balanced emotions are all important aspects of this element. It expresses our individuality and uniqueness.

The small intestine meridian is the assimilator and is the more active yang quality. It controls what the body needs and what it does not need in order to function well. It sorts the useful from the not useful aspects both physically and mentally. The useful aspects are then sent to the heart so that these can be integrated and create our individual expression. Our unique being. It protects the heart and helps to overcome trauma and shock. It also gives protection from the outside world and helps with processing of emotions and information.

The pericardium and the triple heater are supporting fire meridians in Shiatsu. The pericardium protects the heart and regulates circulation. It can increase emotions like excitement, love and pleasure, but can also calm emotional stress or nervousness. It is also helpful for trauma and shock processing and helps with love related emotional unbalance. The triple heater is harmonising and regulates the temperature in the body. It incorporates all 3 heaters in the body (upper, middle, lower) and strengthens our immune system. It can also help with temperature regulation during menopause for example. It helps us to adapt to different environments and gives protection. It also opens the fire in oder to allow internal processes to happen.