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The metal element in Shiatsu corresponds to autumn. It has a more yin quality and is also called little yin traditionally. Autumn is a time of introspection and prepares us for the colder winter months. It is the focus on the essential aspects of life. The metal element brings us clarity and structure. Intuition and knowing our own boundaries are key aspects of this element. The air we breathe through our lungs gives us the Ki necessary for survival and focuses our attention on the physical level. This meridian opens us up for communication with the outside world and connects us to the rhythmic order of life. It is the animal aspect of our soul and existence. The Po or instinctual and corporeal soul. It allows us to engage with others and connects us to the universal.


The lung meridian is the yin meridian in the metal element. The lung is the reservoir of the cosmic Ki that we receive through our breathing. The Ki is then sent to our Kidneys where the Ki is rooted. That is why the vitality of our whole body relies on the health of the lungs. The lung opens the pores of the skin and strengthens the defence mechanisms. It also enables us to create boundaries and gives structure to our lives.

The large intestine is the yang meridian in the metal element. The large intestine is responsible for the excretion of waste or something unwanted. It helps us with letting go and to break with the past. Together with the lungs, it is responsible for the rhythmic exchange between intake and release. This meridian gives us intuition and the ability to pull through or to bring to an end a task at hand.