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Shiatsu for children is very beneficial. In today’s fast moving world where much is expected from even the little ones, it is helpful to have a place where there are no expectations. Everything can be as is. A place where kids can enjoy the moment and hear their own needs without judgement. 

Children are being put under much pressure in schools and in society to become very successful human beings. This can cause much distress and cause many problems, like sleep problems, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or not being able to concentrate well, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or being too hyperactive, moodiness, as well as posture problems, foggy memory, etc.

Shiatsu can help to reduce the stress, bring relaxation and clear the mind. It helps children to listen to their bodies and to bring the attention back to their bodies. Shiatsu helps to ground them and to reduce anxiety or pressure and give them a feeling of security. It can help them to be more equipped to face the challenges they might face at school or in their surroundings.

As with most types of massage, Shiatsu touch helps to strengthen the immune system and to bring connection and wellbeing. Without touch, we would become sick and depressed and lose ourselves. Human beings are social and we need to have this interaction with others in order to survive.


The treatment takes place on a soft futon on the floor. The child will be fully clothed and I will use my fingers and palms applying gentle pressure to the child’s needs accordingly.

There will be an initial stretching sequence, then we will move on to the actual shiatsu treatment and end with a 5 min meditation.

* The treatments serve as health care and are not a substitute for a doctor or alternative medicine practitioner. In the event of serious illnesses please let me know. You can write this to me in the commentary section when booking.

Shiatsu for children is helpful for: relaxation / body awareness / enhancing concentration / helping to cope with the outside world / gives a sense of security / calms the mind / works grounding on the active system / helps with anxiety or pressure / brings more clarity

65€ 55€ : 45MIN (SPECIAL OFFER)

150€ : 3x SHIATSU (50€ / TREATMENT)

225€ : 5x SHIATSU (45€ / TREATMENT)

(payable in instalments) – regular treatments (2-4 x / month) are beneficial for lasting changes

all payments can be paid with card or cash (for cash please bring the correct amount)

* note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments not cancelled with at least a 24-hour notice will be fully charged.

TUESDAY : 16:15 / 17:30 / 18:45

WEDNESDAY : 14:30 / 15:45 / 17:00

* please be on time and ring the bell (Jetzt & Hier) only 5 min prior to the scheduled time and not sooner. Thank you!

Please bring comfortable clothes (long pants) and warm / clean socks to the appointment.

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