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Sommer in Shiatsu and the corresponding element. Sommer belongs to the fire element in Shiatsu and TCM. The elements play an important part in Shiatsu. In eastern cultures, everything is connected and the seasons are an important part of this constant movement of energy. Summer is a time of play and expansion. The temperature is warm and hot and the movement of energy is in all directions. It is an active time of the year where we enjoy being outside and with others.


The fire element enjoys bitter foods like radicchio, artichokes, or quinoa. Subsequently these foods can help the corresponding organs (heart / small intestine / pericardium / triple heater) when not in balance.

Food is an important element in Shiatsu and in TCM. Food is our medicine and for this reason plays a very important role in maintaining balance and health.

Enjoy a cooling salad in the summer to balance out the heat outside. It is important to balance the temperatures inside and out.

Enjoy the summer outside with your friends and loved ones! Do not overheat and stay hydrated!